Welcome to iMALL, IBC to thank all members for their long-standing support and love, the official launch of gift exchange zone.

    iMALL has thousands of items to choose from with you. Whether it’s luxury items, fashion, electronics, games, etc., you can redeem with iPOINTS and iMONEY to easily get your favorite prizes and enjoy IBC‘s ultimate feedback service!.

    iPOINTS is IBC launched a new integral reward program. Different levels of IBC members, as long as the IBC betting, to reach the corresponding effective amount, you can get a iPOINTS (Table 1). When you have enough iPOINTS, you can redeem items in iMALL. Example: If you are a IBC Common member, you get 1 iPOINTS for every 200 valid betting amounts.

    Table 1-iPOINTS Rewards Levels
    Levels Common Sliver Gold Platinum Black Card
    Valid Amount (RM) 200 190 180 170 160
    Valid Amount (SGD) 200 190 180 170 160
    * Lottery not included

    iMONEY is the member’s deposit amount. You can get iMONEY from your IBC deposit. In addition to iMONEY can bet on the game, you can also exchange iPOINTS to redeem iMALL‘s gift.

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    How IBC i-MALL works ?
    • Step 01

      Login in your IBC003 account.

    • Step 02

      Deposit & Play your favourite game!

    • Step 03

      With every successful rolling, you get to earn 1 point for each RM/SGD 1 lose valid amount.

    • Step 04

      Save more reward points to earn luxury prizes.

    • Step 05

      Reward points are valid for one (1) year from deposit date. Remember to use them before they expire!

    How to Redeem Items From i-MALL?
    • Step 01

      Select IBC i-Mall.

    • Step 02

      Choose your register country.

    • Step 03

      Select any items and add to cart.

    • Step 04

      Login to your account and redeem your prizes.


    Start having fun with games and look forward to games and items you may redeem on i-MALL!